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As a dental professional, you’ve already achieved so much.

You’ve trained and studied hard to earn your degree.

You’ve gained a base of patients who love you.

You always aim to treat them with the highest levels of care.

And yet there’s even more you can do to enhance your practice.

The more teeth you save,
the stronger your practice will be.

When dentists are better equipped with deeper understanding of how to treat infected teeth, they gain happier patients, shorter chair time, more profitable practices, and greater confidence in their own skills.

I want that to be you.

When you learn how to prepare for unexpected case outcomes, you’ll gain loyal patients, and more.

There simply aren’t enough specialists in the world to handle the root canal caseload on their own.

We endodontists need your help as general dentists to perform endodontic treatments.

With a lack of exposure to endodontics in dental school, and only a handful of available continuing education options,
a new way forward is needed.

A realistic way to learn virtually, on your own time, and as a member of a community, to improve your patient outcomes.

Which Dentist Are You?

The Dentist Who Thinks Endo’s Not For You

You’re smart, driven, and more than a little busy. Why would you want to add endo to your workload?

But you’re already practicing endodontics!

Endo is more than just root canals. Every time you diagnose pain, you’re doing endo!

E-School’s online modules fit your busy schedule to help you provide the best patient care you can.

The General Dentist With Your Own Practice

You’re building your practice the right way: by caring deeply about your patients.

When it comes to endo, you have the connections to ensure your patients are taken care of. But continuing education could increase your revenue and help you offer even better care.

The focused E-School curriculum will help you generate more income with fewer retreatments.

The Associate With Upward Momentum

You dream of owning your own practice someday, and you thrive on challenging cases that test your knowledge and skills.

But your training hasn’t prepared you for all the “what ifs” of real life, and you’re eager to enhance your confidence when it comes to endodontics.

In E-School, you’ll perfect your skills, increase your confidence, and build your support network.

The Recent Dental School Graduate

You’ve earned your DDS, and you’re only a few steps away from treating patients every day.

Only, now you’re overwhelmed by looking for a job. And after you land one, the prospect of putting what you’ve learned to practice is feeling a little bit scary. You’re not sure you’re fully prepared.

E-School will serve as impressive supplemental training that will put you ahead of your competition.

The Dentist Who Wants To Perfect His or Her Skills

You have a thriving practice and plenty of experience, but sometimes tough cases throw you for a loop.

You know you could benefit from brushing up on your skills, rounding out your endo knowledge, and learning from an endodontist who’s seen everything.

E-School’s trainings and templates will fill in the gaps in your training and make your practice more profitable.

General dentists (just like you!) will learn how to…

…Understand which cases you can handle and which to refer to a specialist

…Know which teeth can be saved and which should be extracted

…Perform root canals with even more finesse

…Inform your patients of their options and guide them through every stage of the process

…Increase your profitability by decreasing chair time, refunds, and billing complications

…Manage post-op complications and your patients’ pain

I’m Sonia Chopra, DDS, practicing endodontist…
and I’m on a mission to help you improve your confidence with endodontics — and your patients’ experience.

Born without eight teeth and no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges, I was always meant to become a dentist. But it wasn’t until an endodontist finally relieved me of a months-long infection through a root canal that I understood the importance of saving teeth.

Click here to learn more about my story…

The power to keep your patients healthy and happy — and out of such agony — lies within you and your commitment to deepening your understanding of endodontics.


Let’s better the world together, one tooth at a time.

Learning with a purpose, and increasing quality of care, worldwide.
Be a part of our mission to grow into something bigger.

What's Inside?

Click on each module for more details.

Module 1: Diagnosis

Before you can treat, refer, or make recommendations, every case starts with a diagnosis. This module will help you tweak your current diagnostic protocol to make the best decisions for your patients.

You’ll learn:

  • Improved diagnostic protocol you can use on every new or emergency patient — starting now.
  • The number one most important step to achieving a proper diagnosis.
  • How making the right diagnosis (and understanding it) shapes your treatment process.
  • How your interpretation of tests can make or break your diagnosis — and the valuable tests you may be forgetting.
  • How to break down your patients’ diagnosis to help them understand what’s happening inside their mouth (and why this matters for your bottom line).
Module 2: Pain Management & Antibiotics

Ask any patient what makes for a great dentist. They won’t think about your degrees, certifications, or even prices. Instead, they’ll judge you by your ability to keep them relatively pain-free and ensure successful outcomes. That’s why this module is so vital to your reputation, your relationship with your patients, and the success of your practice.

You’ll learn:

  • The number one key to proper pain management, so you can keep your patients happy.
  • The different types of pain and how listening to your patients will help you identify how to proceed.
  • When to give antibiotics and/or pain medication, and when not to, so you always prescribe the correct treatment.
  • Which anesthetic techniques will ensure great patient reviews and make root canals easy for everyone.
  • How to ensure an easier postoperative recovery for your patients so they’re pleasantly surprised by how well their procedures go.
  • What to tell patients what to expect after a root canal and how to anticipate their symptoms, so you become their trusted tooth guru.
Module 3: Access, Instrumentation, Irrigation and Obturation

It’s back to the basics, but with an experienced, real-world spin. By revisiting your understanding of root canal anatomy, methods of access, instrumentation, methods of obturation, and expert obturation techniques, you’ll further improve your outcomes in no time.

You’ll learn:

  • The two cardinal rules of root canals you may not be following.
  • What to do to give you that pretty x-ray, which is often how your colleagues will judge your success.
  • How instrumentation methods can make or break a case, to help you achieve better outcomes.
  • What’s even more important than instrumentation, so you know what to focus on.
  • How to troubleshoot your obturation techniques to help you figure out how you can improve.
  • How anatomy may impact your root canals to give you a better idea of what to watch out for with your patients.
Module 4: Cracked Teeth and Vertical Root Fractures

Even with all your careful diagnostic work, cracked teeth can really change the game. They can be difficult to spot, and they can make it difficult for patients to pinpoint the source of their pain. However, they can almost always be saved — whereas vertical root fractures cannot.

You’ll learn:

  • Why cracks create problems and what causes them, so you properly diagnose your patients.
  • Clues that a tooth is actually cracked, helping you give your patients the right diagnosis the first time before you unnecessarily condemn their tooth to be extracted.
  • The exact protocol to use for patients where a crack with reversible pulpitis is suspected, removing the guesswork.
  • How to let your CBCT guide you into making the right diagnosis.
  • How to get reimbursed when you’ve spent considerable time on a tooth only to discover it has to be extracted.
Module 5: Trauma and Resorption

Trauma doesn’t come along everyday, which means it can be easy to forget exactly how to handle it. When you know these important steps and guidelines, you’ll be better equipped to handle trauma and resorption cases and feel confident in the steps you and your patients should take.

You’ll learn:

  • Expert endo secrets to managing all the different types of trauma, so you know what to do in every situation.
  • What to expect (for you and your patient) after trauma, to make sure your patients feel comfortable, heard, and understood.
  • The number one rule in splinting, so you splint like an expert and gain an optimal prognosis for your patients.
  • They key for success in all trauma and resorption cases, to shoot your outcomes through the roof.
Module 6: CBCT (Cone Beam Computated Tomography)

Because CBCT is anything but plug-and-play, it has a steep learning curve and is often neglected as a valuable tool in the dentist’s arsenal. However, with some practice and a deeper understanding of this technology, you’ll see that it’s truly a gamechanger for your practice and your patients.

You’ll learn:

  • The endodontic applications of CBCT, including diagnostics, treatment, and follow-up.
  • How understanding CBCT can improve outcomes and make you a more confident practitioner.
  • Quick and easy steps to increase your confidence with CBCT — it doesn’t take much!
  • How to leverage CBCT to discover the true cause of root canal failures so you know how to proceed.
  • Ways to use CBCT to educate and communicate with your patients, so they have a deeper understanding of their own dental health.

Lifetime Access

E-School comes with lifetime access to the course once you pay in full, so you can always refer back to lessons as you need them in your practice.


When you select the course option with coaching included, you'll join a private community of other dentists who are learning along with you.


Never worry about feeling overwhelmed or stressed to finish the course.  You will feel at ease knowing that you can go through the modules at your own pace.

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