Take your dentistry
to the next level.

An endodontic-focused community for dentists seeking to perfect their skills, improve their practice, and enhance their patient care.

Take your dentistry
to the next level.

An endodontic-focused community for dentists seeking to perfect their skills, improve their practice, and enhance their patient care.

Gain a loyal patient for life with every root canal you perform. Manage their expectations after the procedure with these FREE Root Canal Post Op Instructions.
As a dental professional, you’ve already achieved so much.

You’ve trained and studied hard to earn your degree.

You’ve gained a base of patients who love you.

You always aim to treat them with the highest levels of care.

And yet there’s even more you can do to enhance your practice.

The more teeth you save,
the stronger your practice will be.

When dentists are better equipped with deeper understanding of how to treat infected teeth, they gain happier patients, shorter chair time, more profitable practices, and greater confidence in their own skills.

I want that to be you.

When you learn how to prepare for unexpected case outcomes, you’ll gain loyal patients, and more.

There simply aren’t enough specialists in the world to handle the root canal caseload on their own.

We endodontists need your help as general dentists to perform endodontic treatments.

With a lack of exposure to endodontics in dental school, and only a handful of available continuing education options,

a new way forward is needed.

A realistic way to learn virtually, on your own time, and as a member of a community, to improve your patient outcomes.

General dentists (just like you!) will learn how to…

…Understand which cases you can handle and which to refer to a specialist

…Know which teeth can be saved and which should be extracted

…Perform root canals with even more finesse

…Inform your patients of their options and guide them through every stage of the process

…Increase your profitability by decreasing chair time, refunds, and billing complications

…Manage post-op complications and your patients’ pain

I’m Sonia Chopra, DDS, practicing endodontist…
and I’m on a mission to help you improve your confidence with endodontics — and your patients’ experience.

Born without eight teeth and no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges, I was always meant to become a dentist. But it wasn’t until an endodontist finally relieved me of a months-long infection through a root canal that I understood the importance of saving teeth.

Click here to learn more about my story…

The power to keep your patients healthy and happy — and out of such agony — lies within you and your commitment to deepening your understanding of endodontics.


Let’s better the world together, one tooth at a time.

Learning with a purpose, and increasing quality of care, worldwide.
Be a part of our mission to grow into something bigger.


Everyday Endo Made Easy

Join me for the launch of this virtual endodontic course that will enhance patient outcomes,
build upon your knowledge, and increase your revenue — all on your own time. Coming in 2019.

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Build your patient care tool kit with this free download of Root Canal Post Op Instructions!

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