A couple of years ago, I recognized the need for advanced endodontic training for my E-School with Coaching students who wanted to take their endo learning to the next level. That’s why I created a new program called E-School LIVE, where I welcome a small group of dentists to my practice in North Carolina to perform live patient root canals with me there to mentor and guide them along the way.

But y’all have a huge thirst for knowledge, which I am so thrilled about! When several of my E-School LIVE students asked me if there was a way they could return to Charlotte for private learning, I started to give the idea some serious thought.

I’m excited to announce that I have a brand new CE offering called E-School One-on-One, and it’s my most intimate, intensive course yet!

E-School One-on-One is an Advanced Endodontic Training for General Dentists and Endodontists

At E-School One-on-One, you’ll get my undivided attention for 3.5 days of practice, coaching, and learning. Make no mistake, you won’t spend the whole time watching me over my shoulder or practicing on extracted teeth. There will just be a little bit of that, and then you will be doing up to 5 root canals on live patients!

Plus, your assistant will come with you, giving you two the chance to become an absolute endodontic dream team. In fact, bringing an assistant is required, and my assistants will be on-hand to teach your colleague everything they need to know to become super effective and confident.

Ahead of time, I’ll have a discovery call with you to find out exactly what part of endodontics feels shakiest to you. Then, I’ll hand-select patient cases designed to help you grow, learn, and strengthen your confidence.

The Schedule: Tuesday-Friday

On Tuesday, you’ll observe me in my practice. I’m a root canal machine and consult queen, so you’ll learn a ton about practice efficiency, endo techniques, and how my team works together. After work, we’ll go to dinner together, and I’ll be an open book, so you can ask any questions you like!

Then, on Wednesday, rest up in the morning and brush up on your endo knowledge and E-School modules. That afternoon, you’ll come into the office to practice on extracted teeth. This is a great chance to get any remaining questions answered before you jump into live patients.

On Thursday, you’ll perform THREE root canals on live patients I’ve selected specifically for you. Your assistant will be at your side, and I’ll be in your corner. If you run into any hiccups or questions, I’ll be there to help. But I also want to make sure you’re relying on your own smarts, intuition, and training, so I’ll lovingly challenge you a bit. After the practice closes, we’ll have dinner together again, so you can ask your remaining questions and be ready to tackle Friday with confidence.

We’ll start Friday off with me performing a root canal, so you can get some great clinical observation time in. After that, you’ll take on TWO MORE root canals on live patients, and then head home to put it all into practice!

How to Join E-School One-on-One

The most important thing you need to know is that E-School One-on-One has a prerequisite: enrolling and participating in E-School with Coaching

I’m a stickler about this because we cover endodontic topics in-depth, and you will be working with real, live patients on their actual mouths. I take patient responsibility seriously, and I want to make sure that you have a baseline of competency, understanding, and confidence before you arrive to work on our patients. This is an advanced endodontic training course, and E-School with Coaching will cover what you need to know.

When someone has participated in E-School with Coaching, I’ve gotten to know them a little bit through our coaching calls and our private E-School Facebook group, and I get to see their progress through the curriculum. This is how I know you’re ready for the next challenge.

If you started with E-School Independent, you must upgrade to Coaching, complete at least Modules 1-3, and be an active participant in coaching calls, with your camera on.

You can absolutely do a dual enrollment with E-School with Coaching and E-School One-on-One, by the way! Just bear in mind that E-School with Coaching cohorts only kick off a couple of times a year. So, you can secure your spot now, but you might need to wait a few months before coaching calls actually begin.

Apply to E-School One-on-One here. My support team will be in touch with your next steps and scheduling a time that works for everyone.

The Fine Print for E-School One-on-One

I mentioned the most important prerequisite already: E-School with Coaching. There are a few additional important notes to keep in mind.

You do NOT need to be a North Carolina dentist to attend. You can attend from anywhere! Endo is the same, world-wide.

You MUST provide proof of valid malpractice insurance for the exposure immediately after you register. Dental residency insurance ain’t going to cut it. Please make sure you have arranged for malpractice insurance coverage to cover you as an individual practicing for this exposure in the United States BEFORE you register. This is particularly important for Canadian and international attendees. 

You MUST bring…

  • Your dental assistant. There’s no enrollment cost to bring them, but it’s totally mandatory. Trust me, when you see how I work with my dental assistants, you’ll get it.
    • You can even bring a second assistant for an additional fee! The tuition cost covers one assistant.
  • Extracted teeth. We’ll be using them on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Loupes, 5.0 magnification or higher

You’ll get fed breakfasts and lunches on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Plus, we’ll have dinner together on Tuesday and Thursday.

You, personally, will do up to 5 root canals on live patients. This is the part that I think is the coolest! I don’t actually know of any other CE program like this in America.

You’ll earn 30 CE credits. You can knock out your CE and feel amazing about endo, all at once!

This is a give-back program. The patients I recruit will be receiving dental care for an extremely reduced rate, allowing community members who otherwise couldn’t afford a root canal to receive treatment.

Last but not least, please bring your willingness to learn, your curiosity, and your heart for patient care. 

Endodontics is all about the details, and being able to touch, feel, and do will help you get the feel for those details. And I’ll be there to boost your confidence and guide you throughout the week.

Are you ready for this exciting, new, advanced endodontic training program? Enroll in E-School One-on-One now, or sign up to complete the prerequisite: E-School with Coaching.

I can’t wait to welcome you to my practice in Charlotte!

– Sonia