I have owned my own practice since 2008, but it took me years to become an effective leader. I’ve learned a lot about leadership since then, including that leadership isn’t a job title, but a way of being and operating in the world. You can be a leader, whether you are fresh out of dental school, a practice owner, or anywhere in between. In fact, one of the core values of an effective leader is someone who has a thirst for knowledge and is always seeking opportunities for growth. If you’re here reading this blog, that describes you! To help you on your learning journey, I’m sharing some of my favorite courses for dentists today—including some that may surprise you!

Imaging Course for Dentists

The Ultimate Panoramic Digital Imaging Course

I’ve had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Bruno Azevedo, oral radiologist dubbed “The Cone Beam Guy,” into my community several times to talk about CBCT, and he is a fountain of knowledge. I definitely recommend The Ultimate Panoramic Digital Imaging Course if you want to dive into panoramic radiographs with confidence.

It’s no secret that CBCT has a steep learning curve. Just a few months ago, I was reviewing some cone beam images for a friend’s dad. His general dentist told him to have three teeth extracted, but my friend thought he might actually need a root canal. 

When I reviewed the images, it was so clear to me that the dentist had no idea how to use their cone beam.

I may write a separate blog post on this case later, but suffice it to say that when I sent them to an endodontist I trust, he determined that both teeth were candidates for endodontic treatment, and no extraction would be needed.

That’s what is at stake here, people! Knowing how to use your cone beam and read your cone beam images can help you save teeth! If you feel shaky about CBCT, take this as your sign to learn more.

Many dentists in the US don’t know how to use their cone beam or read the images correctly, through no fault of their own. This happens because we buy the machine, and someone comes out to “train” us—but they’re just a technician from the company. It’s helpful to know how to turn it on and adjust it, sure, but what we also need is a clinician to show us how to use it clinically.

In Dr. Azevedo’s courses, you will learn how to:

  • Improve your panoramic imaging workflow
  • Train your team to get high-quality, useful images
  • Learn to read a panoramic radiograph in seconds
  • Maximize a CBCT’s diagnostic potential
  • Find important details that you are currently missing
  • Differentiate normal anatomy from pathology
  • Become super efficient at getting images
  • Use your CBCT to create more accurate treatment plans

In a word, this imaging course for dentists is badass!

Yoga, Meditation, and Mindset Course for Dentists

We’re far more than clinicians. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but the world is bigger than the four walls of our practices. In the same way that we need to consider our patients holistically, we need to remember that we are also whole people. 

We deserve healthy bodies, spirits, and minds. And as much as we may be able to rely on our support networks to help us with achieving those goals, it’s ultimately our responsibility to be empowered in our own lives.

A few years ago, I met Dr. Josie Dovidio, a dentist-turned-yoga teacher and certified wellness consultant. Her mission to help dentists live their best lives so they can actually enjoy their careers resonates with me so deeply.

I highly recommend her course, Crown of Wellness, which you can learn more about through a webinar at this link. Dr. Dovidio’s goal is to help women dentists thrive in both life and dentistry, with less stress and greater confidence in their leadership.

She has seen so many lives transformed through Crown of Wellness. It’s a unique 6-month online program with group and 1:1 coaching that’s a personal growth maximizer with business and leadership immersion. Designed to set dentists up for long-term success, it empowers us to live our truth, leverage our precious time, and enjoy our lives… all while living our purpose.

And if you’re thinking, “Sonia, I’m so burned out, I don’t know what I want, other than relief,” Crown of Wellness is for you. It’s also for you if you:

  • Don’t have the time to figure out your life
  • Feel afraid of or intimidated by your team and/or patients
  • Want to sell your practice out of burnout and desperation
  • Wish to plan your retirement while enjoying dentistry now
  • Know what you need to do, but don’t have the accountability or willpower to do it alone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a general dentist, endodontist, pediatric dentist, or periodontist. These principles will work for you, regardless of which of these challenges you’re facing.

Please check out Dr. Dovidio’s course! It’s a total gamechanger, and I’m a real believer!

Award-Winning Endodontic Course for Dentists

Not to toot my own horn, but E-School: Everyday Endo Made Easy is a unique, comprehensive endodontic course for dentists that thousands of dentists have enjoyed (with more to come!).

Our patients judge us by our ability to get them out of pain. Whenever you diagnose pain, you’re doing endo. Endo is vital to earning and keeping your patients’ trust!

Whether you never do root canals or do them all the time, E-School was made with you in mind. We re-emphasize the basics you may have forgotten from dental school (or that you now see in a new light after practicing for a time), like diagnosis and anatomy. We dive deep into the why of endodontic procedures so you can think critically when a tooth throws you for a loop. And we go through 10 hours of video trainings, including my very best tips and tricks from 15 years in practice.

When you enroll in E-School with Coaching, you get more than the great curriculum… you also get direct, live access to me through 8 coaching calls when your cohort begins, plus admission to a private Facebook group of dentists for your Coaching cohort.

I’ll let the reviews speak for themselves.

Courses for Dentists

Courses for Dentists

Courses for Dentists

Courses for Dentists

Courses for Dentists

Courses for Dentists

I hope you will enroll in E-School today! Join Independent to go at your own pace, or get the most out of the experience with Coaching to gain direct access to me through 8 weeks of Coaching calls when the next cohort begins. The next enrollment period starts soon, and space is limited, so jump in now!

– Sonia