If you’re interested in endodontic training for general dentists, you’re in luck! I’m rolling out my E-School program with Coaching again, which means a lot of BIG opportunities are coming your way! (Special announcement to follow… read on!)

What Is E-School?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard about my online endo training for general dentists, but if this is your first time (first of all, WELCOME!) I’m happy to fill you in. Also if you’ve heard me talk about it, but it hasn’t been the right time for you yet, I’m here for you, too.

As always, let’s start with the WHY behind the what (the WHY is so, so important). I want to cover WHY I created E-School, WHY I feel like it’s so needed in the dentist community, and WHY I’m so obsessed with putting this important information into your hands. In other words, this is WHY I feel like endo training for general dentists is worth it!

Endo Is More Than You Think

Some general dentists believe they never do endo in their practice, but I would challenge you to rethink that. Many general dentists are already doing endo throughout the day, they just don’t quite realize it because they aren’t fully aware of what endo is.

Even if you’re referring your endo cases to specialists, if you look at the very definition of endodontics, you’ll find that you’re actually more involved in the field than you may have thought. 

Everyday Endo

You may be skeptical about the need for endo training for general dentists, but if you’ll really stop and consider what you’re dealing with on a daily basis, you may be surprised. In fact, let’s talk about your day-to-day. 

Do you: 

  • Diagnose pain and/or help your patients manage it? 
  • Find yourself doing emergency dentistry?
  • Address vertical root fractures and cracked teeth?
  • Have a CBCT? 

Guess what? You’re doing endo! I might be a little biased, but I believe endodontics is the foundation of dentistry. A lot of people think it’s just root canals, but that’s not true.. And if you need a refresher on endodontics topics, this could really impact your practice and patient outcomes.

Referral Issues and More

Did you know that 1 out every 3 of my patients come to me saying they want a new dentist? Patients judge us dentists on how well we help them heal their pain (among other factors), and if a general dentist struggles to correctly diagnose their pain, that’s not going to be a happy patient. They may leave the practice or post a bad review. It sucks when you know that you’ve lost their trust, which is why it’s so important for general dentists to understand endo concepts!  

Another reason patients look for a different dentist is because they ended up with the wrong specialist. This is likely because of issues with their referral process. For example, the wrong tooth number was circled on the referral slip, or the tooth was misdiagnosed.   

Look, I get it, mistakes happen, and it doesn’t mean their dentist doesn’t care or isn’t trying their best. But there’s a lot of endo that doesn’t make it into the dental school curriculum, and I think those endo practices could stop so many patients from growing sour towards you or your practice! 

I also want to help reduce stress, improve risk management, and feel confident about when you should delegate to specialists, all while making more money! 

It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way 

The good news is that you can retain your patients and hang on to that revenue. No one wants to lose money just because their referral or diagnosis process is less than stellar, and I know you’re a lifelong learner who’s interested in keeping your skills sharp!  

One solution to this problem is as easy as participating in endo training for general dentists. I am proud and happy to say that my E-School program can help put a stop to decreased revenue from retreatments, patients who go elsewhere, and bad reviews.  

Why My Comprehensive Endodontic Training for General Dentists is a Great Choice 

    • Ease of access. By completing the training online, you get 10-26 CE credits and the knowledge needed to keep your practice profitable and your patients (more than) satisfied.
    • Lifetime access. Not only do you get this endo training once, but you are able to revisit the materials whenever you need them. You’ll also get 40 cheat sheets to reference when you’re short on time, and then you can always go back and watch the videos. 
    • Top-notch curriculum. My endo training for general dentists is relevant regardless of your experience level. Whether you’re just starting out or have more than ten years under your belt, you’ll find that the information covered is relatable and applicable. 
    • Practical and profitable. From showing you how to get reimbursed by using the right insurance codes to walking you through how to minimize your retreatments, this program was created to help you have happy patients while increasing your practice’s profitability. 
    • Opportunity for Engagement Prizes. To two of my students who are the most engaged in the classes and Facebook group, I’m offering an apex locator and a rotary unit  as Engagement Prizes. This means you have your camera on (I DON’T care if you’re in your pajamas!), asking questions, participating in the Facebook group, and trying to get the most out of the program!

Endodontic Training for General Dentists: A Worthy Investment 

Once you have completed and implemented E-School, you’ll have the knowledge you need to:

  • No longer face treatments that take way too long
  • Deal with poor communication issues with patients
  • Provide so many refunds. 
  • Know which cases are worth taking on because of your increased knowledge of endodontics. 
  • Get glowing reviews from your patients!  

You can find out more details here. If you have any questions, leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.  

Empower Yourself,