When it comes to missions, I have a big one. Seeing general dentists safely incorporating endo into your practices is something I feel so passionate about, especially because it leads to my #1 life mission: Saving teeth

Incorporating Endo into Your Practice with Confidence

E-School was born out of a need — a need for increased patient access to care and a need for more education for general dentists.  I feel like now is the time to bring both of those needs together to make a lasting impact within our industry. This is why I first created E-School, and then, most recently, added an in-person component to allow my students to put into practice what they had learned in the course. (Check out the video below for a taste of the experience!)

I’ll share more with you later about the ins and outs of what E-School LIVE entailed, but for now, I’ll leave you with this: It was amazing. Seriously amazing. (And such a dream come true!)

E-school students incorporating endo into their practice

My first class of E-School LIVE students! October 2020

The Continuing Ed Crisis

 Why is it that so many people can’t afford to do what’s necessary to save their teeth? One problem is that the experts out there (at least, in the U.S.) don’t want the hassle of all the red tape and liability, so they don’t want to mess with offering CE. And, worse, for general dentists (the patient’s first line of defense) who want to start incorporating endo in your practice, there are no good courses out there that really teach you anything… without pushing a product. 

When you are pursuing CE, you should be able to increase your understanding of the things you are trying to learn without the pressure of purchasing a product. Throughout E-School, I mention my favorite products and the ones I use the most, but I never try to force my students to buy anything or preference one over the other. 

In fact, here’s what one of my students said: 

“I loved seeing her sequence of things. I think the ProGlider file is probably my favorite file that I’ve discovered this weekend. Just really understanding that, too, it really doesn’t matter what file system you use, so long as you know what you’re using and know how to irrigate and obturate with it. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you get the basic concepts down.” 

Another student said: 

 “It was phenomenal. It was a great experience. I’d been looking for a course like this for years.” 

Incorporating Endo Into Your Practice is a Must

So many dentists leave dental school with very little understanding about endodontics, yet they feel obligated to practice endodontics when they are out in private practice. But how many of you feel inadequate as a clinician because you aren’t really comfortable doing endo? 

Additionally, to land that dream job, you feel pressure to be incorporating endo into your practice. Or if you already have your own practice, you probably want to be able to offer your patients everything!

But let me ask you this: if your doctor only delivered 2-3 babies in medical school, would you be comfortable seeing them deliver your baby?  But think about it: Performing a root canal is just as technique-sensitive as delivering a baby.  

radiograph of students incorporating endo into their practice

This radiograph was taken by a student in E-School LIVE. I’m so proud!

If I had it my way, in the dental world, there would be more specialists and less generalists, like in medicine. However, since that’s not going to happen, my solution was to create CE that really educates dentists to safely incorporate endo into your practice, building confidence and allowing you to save as many of your patients’ teeth as possible.  

 “Incorporating endo into your practices, safely and with confidence, allows you to change the way you do dentistry and to change the way your patients experience it.”

Think About It

When general dentists know how to do endo properly and have a true understanding of what is going to make or break a case, big changes will happen. 

Imagine a world with less retreatments and more people saving their teeth! Imagine the money our patients will save when they can trust you, the general dentist, to give them the best care possible without referring them out to a specialist (unless completely necessary).

Incorporating endo into your practices, safely and with confidence, allows you to change the way you do dentistry and to change the way your patients experience it. 

I’ll talk more soon about the first E-School Live, giving you specific examples of cases my students worked on under my supervision. You’ll be blown away by their radiographs! Stay tuned!


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