The pursuit of knowledge and mastery is a lifelong journey—and in the field of dentistry, this is especially true. Dental school crams in a lot of information, and it’s important for us to freshen up our understanding and continue discovering new technologies, workflows, and strategies. Today, I want to introduce you to Dr. Ryan Luxenberg, a dentist who has embarked on his own journey of learning via endo training, and has experienced a remarkable transformation. 

Based just outside of Montreal, Quebec in Canada, Dr. Luxenberg wanted to venture deeper into the realm of endodontics. I met him through E-School with Coaching, my online guided endodontic CE curriculum. From there, he joined E-School LIVE, my hands-on, live patient, 4-day endo program. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore Dr. Luxenberg’s educational background, his initial experience with endodontics, and the significant impact E-School LIVE had on his everyday practice. I hope you see yourself in Dr. Luxenberg, and you get excited about what endo training can do for you!

From Theory to Practice

Dr. Luxenberg graduated from the University of Montreal and promptly entered private practice. However, like many dental graduates, he found that his formal training in endodontics had left him with more theory than hands-on experience. His exposure to endodontic procedures during dental school was limited to simple, single canal cases.

He knew his comfort zone, and endodontics was outside of it. In fact, he was usually referring endo out.

“I was always referring out when [endodontics] came up. I mean, early on I worked at a practice where other dentists would be more comfortable doing root canals. I would either refer to them, or if I was working in a clinic where there was no one who was comfortable doing it, I would refer out to an endodontist.”

The poor guy had another challenge: he went to dental school during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which totally limited his clinical experience. Suddenly, everything was virtual, and he had way less hands-on practice than the program usually offered.

This lack of practical exposure left Dr. Luxenberg feeling hungry to learn more about endo. 

“I had some formal training in university and dental school, but a lot of theory…. A couple of root canal cases, simple cases, like single canal cases, and that’s about it. I also graduated during COVID, so everything was shut down really early. So I was supposed to do a couple more cases, but that was completely canceled.”

So, he decided to focus on his continued education, allowing him to strengthen his skills and build confidence in this crucial aspect of dentistry. I applaud anyone who wants to give teeth a chance, especially when they have to go out of their way to learn!

Discovering E-School: A Turning Point

Dr. Luxenberg discovered E-School LIVE when he was doing some online research about which endo training to focus on. He was looking for practical, hands-on learning, and E-School LIVE fit the bill. Plus, it appealed to him that he would be able to work directly with patients under my guidance, with my assistants there to help, too.

Before diving into E-School LIVE, Dr. Luxenberg needed to complete the prerequisite: E-School with Coaching. I require E-School LIVE participants to take E-School with Coaching because I don’t teach new subject matter at LIVE. By performing root canals on live patients, participants refine what they learned in Coaching in real time. 

“I knew early on after graduating that, knowing myself, I definitely needed a lot of continuing education trainings just to advance myself. And I also wanted to do them. I always liked doing those trainings and learning more and getting more comfortable, confident, more skills under my belt. So I knew I wanted to get more and involved with root canal training, because that’s one thing I was lacking. 


“And the problem with that is there wasn’t really much there. There was no practical root canal training on the market, really, at least where I’m from in Canada. And for a while, I thought there was nothing in the States, either, when I would look. 


“But for some reason, somehow I was researching online and I came across E-School, and I was like ‘What is this?’ So, I took the time to look into that and I was intrigued by it. And then I saw that the E-School LIVE program was actually on patients, and then I retrograde went back to see what the prerequisites for that was.


“So I sort of went through all the prerequisites just to get to the live events, which was my goal because I really wanted to have some support with me going step by step, going through root canal cases. So I just found it by fluke online and I decided to pursue it, give it a chance.”

Dr. Luxenberg said that Coaching helped prepare him for the practical challenges of endodontics. He got so much confidence in Coaching that he began applying his newfound knowledge to simpler root canal cases in his practice, even before attending LIVE. 

“Even if I wouldn’t have done the LIVE course, I definitely felt a more solid base for performing root canal cases [after Coaching]…. After the theory component [Coaching], I started doing simple root canal cases. So this was way before the LIVE component, even. So that was really cool. 


“And maybe I didn’t do more complex multi canal endos, but I did do a lot more. I managed a lot more emergency procedures that I wouldn’t have done before. So, I still would access and open up molar teeth if a patient was in pain and clean them out, even though I wasn’t going through all the steps of the root canal. I would just calm down their symptoms, so it could buy them time to get to the specialist. So, it definitely was very useful for me.”

E-School LIVE: The Transformative Live Experience

Dr. Luxenberg arrived at E-School LIVE excited to learn. He is exactly the kind of motivated dentist I created this program for. He was focused on his professional development, and he put into practice smooth workflows that helped him get consistently great outcomes.

“I learned a consistent structured method going about doing root canals, going from diagnosis to the completion of a root canal, and then what to expect after the root canal in terms of if any symptoms occur…. It was just amazing to go through all the steps of it.


“Since I haven’t really done any complex cases prior to that, and then experiencing them and having the backup of a specialist—not just a specialist, but someone who’s willing to teach and mentor you. Teaching is a real skill and you have to be able to communicate it properly. So the way Dr. Chopra taught really got through to me, and I was able to apply that with some confidence and reassurance. 


“It was just a very fluid experience and it was just a lot of fun. So much so that, this year, I’m actually going back two more times.”

E-School LIVE is an environment where you can participate in the structured, step-by-step approach to endodontics in real time—covering everything from diagnosis to the completion of root canal procedures. Dr. Luxenberg clicked with my teaching style, which  he said made the experience productive and enjoyable.

“I had a gut feeling about this particular course. I saw how Dr. Chopra really articulated during the Coaching calls and how the modules were all constructed, that I knew that she really knew how to teach this. It’s important to have a good teacher you’re comfortable with. And so I had a very good initial gut feeling about it, and it really was fantastic. 


“I may not have had much experience doing root canals prior to the LIVE patient course, but I was not nervous about it. I was more just excited about the experience, and just like, ‘I’m going to have fun with it.’ And it was just very nice. That’s how I am. And I embraced it. So yeah, it was just a lot of fun.”

Key Takeaways from E-School LIVE Endo Training

When Dr. Luxenberg got back to his practice in Quebec, he noticed a few changes and improvements as a result of E-School LIVE:

  1. Increased Confidence: He transitioned from referring out all endodontic cases to tackling many more cases himself.
  2. Efficiency: The program’s emphasis on efficiency helped Dr. Luxenberg streamline his procedures. Although it was not his primary reason for attending, he noticed improved practice efficiencies.
  3. Advanced Cases: Dr. Luxenberg gained the expertise to diagnose and treat more complex cases, which has expanded his practice’s capabilities.
  4. Mastering the Art: Dr. Luxenberg returned several more times to take E-School LIVE again, building on his learning and continuing to become a more confident provider.

“I’ve been way more open to taking on certain [endo] cases now. I actually have a list of seven or eight root canal cases that are on the docket…. so I can’t wait to get started with those. It’ll be very exciting. 


“Those are more on the simple side, but still it’s a huge difference for me to be taking on those kinds of cases. I would never have done this beforehand. I never would have done this before the other endo courses I took. I wasn’t feeling it but something really broke the ice after this course, which was fantastic.”

Let’s Look at Some of Dr. Luxenberg’s Cases

Dr. Luxenberg talks about how he does simple cases, but here’s a multi-canal tooth for you! He completed this one at his first E-School LIVE session.

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Here is another one of his cases.

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Transformative power of endo trainings and determination

“I really liked how Dr. Chopra taught the whole course. It was really awesome. And she’s super chill because she’s open to questions and she’s able to give you constructive criticism and work with you. She’s able to work with people, and not a lot of people are, necessarily. So I was very comforted by that. And she’s just chill, and I like that. 


“I watched her do her own treatments, which was really cool. I saw how she interacted with her own patients, so I took something from that. Sometimes different challenges come along the way and it was cool to see how she dealt with those….


“If you do it a second time, she raises the complexity of the cases. So that’s pretty cool, you know? And so for example, I did mostly pre-molars, mostly two-canal cases. The last time, I did one molar, but this time it’s going to be a majority molars for example.


“I’m really excited to go back this week. And it’s not easy for me to make the time to come because I have a little baby at home with my wife. So it’s really something I wanted to do, so if I’m allocating my time to anything like this, it means it’s very important.”

Next time he comes in November 2023, I’m going to also give him a retreat case!

Going from basically no root canals to handling molars doesn’t just happen overnight. I sign my emails with “Empower yourself,” because when you do, you can create transformations like this!

Dr. Ryan Luxenberg has been so focused on his continuing education goals, and I know his patients and practice are grateful for it. I’ve watched him advance his skills, enhance his confidence, and unlock new understanding. And I’m looking forward to seeing him again in November for another E-School LIVE session!

E-School LIVE continues to empower dentists several times a year. If you want to refine your endodontic skills and give teeth a chance in a hands-on setting, please apply for E-School LIVE today!

– Sonia