Good day all you daring, dental heroes!

So, part of always putting myself out there and running my e-school LIVE programs is that I get asked a lot of questions. One I get super often is: “Sonia, how do you get your gutta percha out of teeth when you’re doing a retreatment?”

So that’s what we’re here for. How to remove gutta percha from a canal.



I love this question, as I love most questions, because it’s an opportunity for me to tell you how simple it can be! There’s a bunch of fancy files out there, but you know what? My go-to has always been my Dentsply 25/.06 ProFile. It’s my favorite! I also use it in a 21mm sometimes because the shorter ones have a teeny bit more strength behind them.

This is how I remove gutta percha from canals: my strategy is to take a little bit of the gutta percha out of each canal, creating a little well in the tooth to house your chloroform. I allow that chloroform to soak for about five minutes to initially soften up the gutta percha. Then I take my 25/.06, put it in my rotary, and I crank up the speed to 1,000 rpm’s. Then I’ll take the rotary to each canal and start buzzing out all of that gutta percha.

It may not get everything out right away, maybe only a little bit at first, around half of the length of the canal initially.

If I feel that the file is binding a lot I’ll just back off, put a little bit more C solution in there, and work a hand file to make a little bit of a glide path through that gutta percha. Then I’ll keep going back and forth with my 25/06.

See? Super simple. I’ve been doing this method to get gutta percha out of canals for 10 years and it’s the fastest method I’ve found. It’s really predictable for me, so I just wanted to share that with you to see if it would be helpful for your patient retreatments!

Empower yourself,