Hi everyone! So a lot of people have been asking me, “How do you get your gutta percha out of your teeth when you’re doing a retreatment?”


And you know, there are a lot of fancy files out there, but I like to use my straight up 25/.06 ProFile. It’s a Dentsply file, but it’s a 25/.06 ProFile. It’s my favorite! I also like to use it in a 21 mm because I feel like the shorter ones just have a little bit more strength. But it’s really simple when I have a retreatment.

What I do is I take a little bit of the gutta percha out of each canal and it makes it like a little well to house your chloroform. And I let that chloroform just kind of soak in there for about five minutes to initially soften up that gutta percha. I take my 25/.06, I put it in my rotary, and I crank up the speed. So I will take this all the way up to 1000 rpms. And then I’ll take this in each canal and I’ll start buzzing out all of that gutta percha. It may not get everything out right away, I’ll probably take a little bit out, maybe half of the length of the canal initially.

If I feel that the file is binding a lot I’ll just back off, I’ll put a little bit more C solution in there, sometimes I’ll work a hand file just to make a little bit of a glide path through that gutta percha. And then I’ll just keep going back and forth with my 25/06. So it’s really simple. I’ve been doing this method for 10 years now and it saves me time. It’s really predictable for me so I just wanted to share that with you to see if it would be helpful for you.


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