Hi everyone, I wanted to go over one of my favorite tools because this guy really helps me make my root canal so much more efficient.


So this is my M4 handpiece — it goes on to my slow speed attachment and it turns my hand file into a rotary file. It’s really quite magical.

It will take it and it’ll start making it go into a reciprocating motion, and then I can peck away at my canal. This is really helpful in those calcified canals because it gets me to the apex so much

faster, so it really helps me prevent my hand fatigue, but also it decreases my chair time. So I put a little RC prep the tip of this and I peck away. I may have to change out that hand file a few times, but it really gets me going a lot faster.

So then I can switch to my rotary, and it keeps things super safe for me so that I don’t separate my rotary files. So try your M4 handpiece! Kavo Kerr is who makes this and it it’s really a no-brainer. If you’re doing a ton of endo and you really want a really helpful tool that gives you a really good return on your investment, the M4 is the way to go.