The other weekend I was chatting with one of my E-School alumni. She brought me into her world for a second and shared with me the impact E-School had on the way she handles all kinds of things in her practice. (And, just in general, the impact of high-quality endodontic online CE courses for general dentists, like E-School!) 

Mind you, I’m not talking about the impact to just her endo procedures, but everything about her technique and philosophy.

I was floored to hear her say, “You don’t even know what you are actually doing for people.” 

The Impact of Endodontic Online CE Courses Is Massive

I was so touched, you have no idea. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you are reaching people when your only communication is through a computer. I’ve had moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, but these kinds of interactions keep me going. It reminds me how aligned I am with my purpose, and how much E-School has the power to make a difference.

Here are a few things she said to me:

“Sometimes I would put the clamp on, sans rubber dam, for the x-ray in case the patient ended up in litigation, but I didn’t really understand the importance of the rubber dam at all. Now I see that the rubber dam is the best money can buy. With the Opaldam, there’s no more saliva getting into my operating zone.”

“I was treating upper molars, but I didn’t understand the significance of the MB2 canal, or the true percentage of the time it’s present. I’ve always wanted the best for my patient, I just didn’t know the potential I had at my fingertips.”

“The cold test now rocks my world and I see the significance of doing it all the time.”

“I did a root canal before E-School, and my patient kept having symptoms, but after your class, I felt like I was truly able to help him. Now he’s symptom-free after I retreated the case following your class. I am so honored to have been part of your program. I’ve developed so much passion and new confidence in what I do.”

I mean… wow. 

A Root Canal Revisited

Now let’s talk about this case that she turned around, thanks to her investment in endodontic online CE courses.

There was obvious decay into the pulp and a carious pulp exposure upon excavation. Overall, it was a fairly straightforward second molar.

endodontic online ce courses
endodontic online courses

My student performed this root canal prior to E-School…

But, after the root canal, the patient continued to have symptoms. Shortly after that, he started to develop a lesion on the distal root. Uh oh.

After taking E-School, my student decided to retreat the tooth, implementing the principles I taught. 

She now understands how to use her apex locator to the right working length and the importance of patency. She even learned how to remove the gutta percha and use calcium hydroxide in order to do a proper retreatment. And she learned how to use her instrument the right way every single time.

Implementing all of these concepts has resolved this patient’s pain, which is a huge win.

Even more importantly, she will now be able to perform root canals with more confidence and accuracy. Say bye bye to always having to do redo treatment!

This is what her root canals look like now…

What a pro! I’m so proud of her.

Another E-School Student Claims Endo Victory

Here is another example of a dentist whose obturations would end up short before he took E-School. Now that he’s wrapped up the program, he understands the best process and that problem is a concern of the past.

Here’s what he told me:

I am one proud teacher!

Do You See Yourself in My Students?

I bet these pre-E-School frustrations are relatable to you. They were once to me, too, back before I decided to do my residency in endodontics and gain a decade of experience in my specialty practice.

If you’re sick of retreatments, being short in obturation, misdiagnosing patients, and referring patients out unnecessarily, I totally understand.

And you can take a different path. 

What could E-School do for your practice? How could it help you be a hero to your patients? How would it improve your bottom line?

A new enrollment period for E-School—where you get coaching from yours truly on your specific cases—is now open, so snag your spot while you can! Get E-School with Coaching on your calendar NOW so you are ready and prepared when class starts!

Enroll in E-School and Empower Yourself

I’d love to hear from you in the comments. What are your current endo frustrations?