In less than a week, the doors to E-School with Coaching — my endo CE online course for general dentists — will open. Maybe you’ve been thinking about joining E-School, or this is the first time you’ve heard of it, and you need more information, so I want to tell you more about the course.

But more importantly, WHY? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m interested in the WHY behind things. So WHY did I create E-School? What is so special about this endo CE program? And why am I so passionate about getting it in the hands of general dentists?

Behind the scenes of E-School: Endo CE for general dentists

No matter what, you are doing endo in your practice.

First I want to debunk a myth. So many general dentists don’t think they do endo in their practice. Well, I want to take a minute to talk about the Real Every Day Endo.

Because I hate to break it to you, we are ALL doing endo, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Whether you realize it or not. And to be honest, if you don’t act soon to enhance your endo knowledge, you are going to continue to lose patients and money.

I don’t care if you send all of your endo cases out to a specialist, you are still doing everyday endo. The confusion comes from the definition of what endo actually is.

Endodontics is more than you think it is.

We all need to…

Diagnose pain. Excel at pain management. Know how to do emergency dentistry. Deal with cracked teeth and vertical root fractures. Handle trauma and resorption cases. Plus many of us have a CBCT

All of that is endo. You’re doing a ton of endo, and you may not even realize it. Did you ever think of it this way?

You see, endodontics is more than just doing a root canal. It’s way deeper than that. If you ask me, endo is the basis of dentistry, and if you don’t know it like a badass, you’re going to face some major issues.

Your patients can tell if your endo skills aren’t sharp.

A THIRD of my patients want a new dentist. Without fail, these referring general dentists are the ones who “don’t do any endo.”

Why are the patients shopping around?

There are SO many reasons. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t understand something in the referral process. Maybe they ended up at the wrong specialist. Perhaps the dentist circled the wrong tooth number on the referral slip, or their tooth didn’t hurt until their dentist touched it.

You may not even think that these could be possibilities, but I hear it every day. Why lose this revenue from your practice? Don’t you want these patients to come back to your office? Or give you a stellar review? You’re busy and working hard, so you may not even realize that you are losing patients through your referral process.

It all comes back to endo and endo CE.

If you’re on the fence about signing up for E-School, don’t wait any longer. Going without endodontics continuing education is costing you. Literally, it’s costing you money in lost patients, retreatments, and bad reviews.

E-School isn’t like other endo CE programs.

First of all, it’s online, so you don’t have to sweat airfare and hotel costs. You can access the materials from anywhere in the world!

Second, when you join, you get lifetime access. That means you can revisit the materials any time you want. In addition to the video lessons, you’ll love the 40 cheat sheets and references to keep the knowledge top-of-mind. Some of my students keep the cheat sheets right on their desk for easy access!

Third, the curriculum is comprehensive and strategic, meaning it’s right for any experience level of general dentist. Whether you’re just out of school, an associate, own your practice, or have practiced for 1 year or 10, E-School is for you. Whether you do tons of endo in your practice, or you think you don’t do any (although I hope I’ve convinced you you do!), it’s right for you!

Finally, it’s designed to help you support your patients AND create a more profitable practice; I want to make sure you get reimbursed with the right insurance codes and minimize your retreatments. Finally, when you join E-School with Coaching, you’ll get weekly mentorship from me. I’ll share my decade of experience as you get my insight on your questions and cases. AND you’ll join a community of other dental professionals interested in improving their endo skills.

Say goodbye to treatments that take longer than they should, to miscommunications with your patients, and to refunds altogether.  Eschool will teach you which cases to take on because they will be worth your while. E-School will give you the confidence to care for your patients in the way that they deserve to be cared for.

If you want $300 off your enrollment in E-School with Coaching, sign up for my newsletter using the link below. You’ll get a special discount code when the doors open!