My blog isn’t just about root canals and endodontic technology. It’s also about how to be a better dentist and leader—and that requires being introspective and focusing on personal growth. I have learned recently about different types of energy, and as a result, my perception of masculine and feminine energy in dentistry has radically changed over the last few years.

As more women and younger people are joining our field, I’m noticing a seismic shift in the culture of dentistry. This change started off quietly, but it’s becoming a powerful movement.

We are over the hustle.

We are tired of competition and zero-sum games. We are sick of pushing for the sake of pushing and achieving for the sake of achieving.

The shifting perception of masculine and feminine energy in dentistry

My perspective is, we are healers. If we accept the full potential of that role, we will learn to balance our masculine energy (doing, pushing, achieving, driving, conquering) with our feminine energy (flowing, trusting, feeling emotions, showing vulnerability). That way, we can achieve while trusting, pushing while also making space to relax, and lead through compassion.

Regardless of our gender, every single person can tap into the masculine and feminine energy inside themselves. Honestly, for the longest time, I operated from my masculine because I didn’t realize there was another way for me to exist in the world. My default was to push, drive, and run myself ragged.

In the last two years, I have become wiser and have softened into a state of flow. I have become a more complete version of myself, and as a result, I have never been more successful. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we are aligned with our own gifts and purpose.

I encourage you to read on the topic, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. We have so much to learn from those outside of our space.

There is a different way to be in dentistry. There’s a different way to teach dentists, rather than to scare them into learning.

Impact entrepreneurship begins with each of us

I recently went to a professional and personal development event for entrepreneurs. I was the only dentist there, but I went with a spirit of curiosity and openness. I wanted to see what wisdom I could glean from others.

My biggest takeaway was the concept of impact entrepreneurship. 

Yes, dentists start practices to help our communities and make a living. But there are people who are using their businesses to also create a larger impact. They use their business to do things like…

  • Plant trees and repopulate forests to combat climate change and the devastating impact of erosion. 
  • Empower young women to succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields like tech or finance. 
  • Create microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries who need some seed money to start a company that will provide for their family.
  • And so much more.

I walked away from that event thinking, “I have been thinking small until now.”

I wasn’t shaming myself, I was just filled with wonder and possibility. I started exploring what impact entrepreneurship could look like for me.

And then, I had an in-person day with my coach, and she helped me see that my impact is creating a safe educational environment for my fellow dentists.

Without this safe environment—which, by the way, requires me to tap into my feminine—dentists feel discouraged and intimidated. They’re afraid to ask questions because they think they might look stupid.

But what we really need is an environment where no question is off the table, where we’re all lifting each other up, and where we’re all seeking knowledge and confidence to save more teeth than ever. Give teeth a chance, today and always!

Podcast Interview: Business of Happiness Feature

Unfortunately, the broader social environment of dentistry (especially online) isn’t so supportive yet. So many Facebook groups and other online communities are fundamentally competitive. It is dominated by some voices who want to look super smart and aren’t afraid to tear down their peers in the process.

This even happens on my own public social media posts every now and then. It used to burn me up, but now I recognize that it ultimately comes from a place of insecurity. (I should clarify one aspect of our perception of masculine and feminine energy in dentistry before I go further. While behavior like this is a form of masculine energy, it is a negative form of it. There is a healthy form of masculine energy, too, which involves advocating for others, achieving, and making meaningful progress. Feminine energy also takes healthy and unhealthy forms.)

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderful Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy of the Business of Happiness Podcast about the role of masculine and feminine energy play in dentistry… and so much more. 

Dr. MacCarthy’s mission is to empower healthcare professionals to live more fully, so that we can feel good and do good. Check out her website.

Listen to the Podcast Interview

In my Business of Happiness Feature, we discuss:

  • [2:06] How I met Tarryn through Dr. Srikumar Rao
  • [4:49] What my personal journey of healing looks like
  • [10:06] My practice of growth and development
  • [17:40] My thoughts on masculine and feminine energy and the role they play in dentistry
  • [22:16] How I fell in love with dentistry
  • [26:37] My definition of happiness

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– Sonia