I’m thrilled and grateful to have been chosen for Course Karma’s Top Endodontic Instructor 2021 Award! Back when I created E-School years ago, I never could have imagined it would lead to honors like this, or hundreds of dedicated students who have learned to become tooth savers.

If you’re a dentist working today, it’s likely that you’ve come across Course Karma. This website is a fantastic resource and hub for dentists to find the right continuing education courses to support where they are at in their career—and also where they’d like to be. It’s full of online, in-person, and hybrid learning.

You also may have happened to stumble upon E-School through Course Karma. There are tons and tons of endo courses out there, so let me just say that I feel so lucky we found each other!

This award from Course Karma is determined by dentists’ votes. That means students I’ve worked with in the last year (and maybe even years before) took the time to check the box with my name in it. And wow, I couldn’t feel more honored and excited that you value E-School and my instruction.

Seriously. If you took the time to vote—thank you!

Endodontic CE for General Dentists

E-School is seriously a labor of love. I’ve poured so much thought, energy, and heart into the curriculum, and I’ve spent years working on my own ability to deliver this critical info that saves so many teeth every year.

Hundreds of students have gone through the program, and I am SO proud of all of them. If you’re an alumni reading this, thank you so much. This course is truly my legacy I’m building.

And I couldn’t do this work without you all! I mean, it’s one thing to make a course with a bunch of videos and downloadables. But if no one dives into the materials and puts it to use, what good is it? YOU are out there, making a difference and saving teeth around the world. I’m grateful to each of you!

E-School Is for You.

There are several different versions of E-School.

E-School Independent is a self-paced, DIY curriculum on everyday endo for general dentists. You’ll get access to 10 hours of comprehensive videos in 6 modules (plus 2 bonus modules!) and 40 downloads and resources.

E-School with Coaching features the same online curriculum, and it’s supported by 8 weekly coaching calls with me and a cohort of peers. E-School with Coaching sessions take place twice a year. With E-School with Coaching, you also get to join a private Facebook community of E-School dentists, and you can optionally receive an #EndoRocks Box filled with some of my favorite supplies. E-School with Coaching graduates are also eligible to join my hands-on live-patient endo CE training called E-School LIVE.

E-School LIVE is a unique, in-person, hands-on CE program that puts the file in your hands. You’ll come to my practice in Charlotte, North Carolina for 4 days. During that time, you’ll perform root canals on up to 4 live patients, and I’ll be there to mentor you along the way. You’ll bring your assistant to learn from my assistants, so the two of you can become a dream team. On the first day, you’ll practice on extracted teeth. For the next two days, you’ll focus on performing root canals on patients. On the fourth day, you’ll watch my practice in action so you can learn how to streamline your practice. E-School LIVE is an application-only program with limited space, and it’s only available to E-School with Coaching Students.

Learn more about E-School and choose the best option for you here. 

Will You Take the Plunge?

I’m so thrilled to be named Course Karma’s Top Endodontic Instructor of 2021. I not only wear the accolade with pride, but I will use it to inspire me to continue improving, so I can keep delivering the very best courses to all of you. 

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And if you haven’t explored Course Karma before, click here, and take a look at E-School and all the other courses there. On Course Karma, you’ll find all the deets about my course, as well as tons of reviews from past students. 

Once more, thank you to all the E-School alumni who voted for me, and of course to Dr. Aly and all the folks at Course Karma!

How will you empower yourself to take the next step in your career today? Hit reply, and let me know!

Talk soon,