We all learned the basics of endodontics in dental school, and we graduated only after completing a few root canals. But I want to let you in on a secret: One third to one half of the patients who come into my endodontic practice need retreatments from root canals completed by general dentists. Dentistry really needs an endodontic education overhaul, and that’s what I’m all about. So if you’ve been considering taking some endo CE, you might be wondering what you will learn in a root canal course.

I can’t speak for every endodontic CE course out there, but in my experience, most of them require you to either go to a seminar in-person or attend a one-hour webinar. There’s some good info in there, but not a whole lot of it is actionable for the very next day, and you have no way to review the materials later.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my own experience with continuing education, it’s that re-visiting materials and re-learning concepts when I have more context is insanely powerful.

That’s why, when I created E-School: Everyday Endodontics Made Easy, I wanted to make sure it:

  • Started at the basics and moved into more advanced topics.
  • Gave dentists lifetime access to the materials (all online).
  • Was immediately actionable and next-day applicable.
  • Overflowed with useful downloadables, checklists, and workflows you could return to over and over.
  • Went way deeper than a one-hour training (in fact, it’s 10-26 CE credits!).
  • Provided a chance to enhance your learning with a Coaching option that provides 8 weeks of mentorship.

Once you enroll in E=School with Coaching, you’re eligible for E-School LIVE, my unique, hands-on, live-patient, small group advanced endo CE program. In it, you’ll bring your assistant and perform root canals on live patients that have been hand-picked to challenge your areas of greatest growth opportunity, while I stand by to mentor and guide you.

So, what will you actually learn in a root canal course? So much more than root canals! Let’s hear from Dr. Mohammed Jabbar, a graduate of E-School with Coaching and E-School LIVE.

Introducing Dr. Mohammed Jabbar

Please allow me to introduce you to Dr. Jabbar, a general dentist practicing in Chicago, IL. This guy is so freaking smart, and it was a pleasure to have him join the group at E-School LIVE in November, 2022.

He’s been a dentist for over a decade, and he’ll be the first to tell you that there’s still lots to learn about our ever-evolving field. He completed his dental education at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry in 2013. He also completed a General Practice Residency in Dentistry at the Jesse Brown Veterans Administration Medical Center in Chicago.

Dr. Jabbar first found me through some ads I was running about E-School, as well as my blog. “When I read her blogs, I felt like she was directly speaking to me,” he said. 

When he decided to enroll in E-School with Coaching, he got a chance to learn directly from me. In E-School with Coaching, students get access to my E-School curriculum, and they also receive eight weeks of mentorship and group coaching. 

He said, “She expects a lot out of you, and when she expects a lot out of you, you really want to learn the course material. And she has such a passion that it just becomes infectious, that you become really invested in the material that you want to learn.”

After completing E-School with Coaching, he decided to kick it up a notch and pair his didactic learning with some hands-on training. That’s when he enrolled in E-School LIVE.

Hands-on endodontic training for endodontists and general dentists

I freaking love dentists like Dr. Jabbar because he was taking a leap of faith in his own abilities with E-School LIVE. He saw it as a chance to push himself in ways he didn’t previously know he could. Since E-School LIVE is a safe environment with mentorship and support, it’s such a great place to build your endodontic confidence.

Dr. Jabbar said, “I learned at E-School LIVE that endodontics doesn’t have to be difficult. Endodontics can be simple and be done effectively, provided that you have the basic knowledge. And Dr. Chopra gives us that basic knowledge to succeed in our endo courses.”

I might be a little bit weird because I’ve always gravitated towards root canals. But even though I’ve always enjoyed endo (even before I completed my endo residency), it has also been tricky at times for me.

The devil is in the details, though. Learning about the cardinal rules of root canals, workflows and checklists that really work, diagnostic must-dos, and modern-day endodontic technology has made root canals so much easier. These tips and tricks are a huge part of what you will learn in a root canal course with me.

But, you know, I can teach all day until I’m blue in the face. But if dentists like Dr. Jabbar and you aren’t receptive to opening your mind about the healing power of our bodies, then it won’t make a difference. So, I’m super grateful for all of my E-School graduates for being willing to soak in this knowledge.

Dr. Jabbar said, “Dr. Chopra is an amazing instructor who is very, very passionate about what she does, and I think that everyone could benefit from her teachings. 

Dr. Jabbar’s Impressions of E-School LIVE

I’m really honored Dr. Jabbar decided to invest in his endodontic CE through E-School LIVE. I want to share some of his cases with you.

Case A by Dr. Jabbar

Dr. Jabbar had some really kind things to say about his E-School LIVE experience.

“I’ve been a dentist for about 10 years now, and this is hands down the best course I’ve ever taken. Everything that was done in this course was very methodical, very well thought-out, and there was a lot of passion and thought put into it to make sure that the attendees got what they were looking for.”

When I asked him to describe what E-School LIVE was like in his own words, here’s what he said: 

“The first day, we got a chance to see how Dr. Chopra works, we got to work on extracted teeth, and then we got to see how all the systems work.”

Here’s a photo of Dr. Jabbar practicing on extracted teeth before we started working with live patients.

You can expect to practice on real patients at my E-School LIVE root canal course.

Dr. Jabbar went on to explain what the rest of the E-School LIVE training was like in his own words.

“Day two and three, we got to treat patients. Some cases were harder than others. Some cases are easier than others. But at the same time, we also had a chance to use all the technology that she has available in her office for our cases. 

“We got a chance to use the rotary files. We got a chance to use the warm vertical, the cone beam, for all of our cases. And, from that, we were able to learn how simple endodontics can be. And it can be if you know how to use the technology, but also know what you can do with the technology. It’s that knowledge base.”

Dr. Jabbar is a dentist after my own heart. It really is incredible how much simpler endodontics can be when you have processes, workflows, and systems that work. 

And while it was fun to watch my fellow dentists geek out over the modern-day technology that I have in my practice, Dr. Jabbar’s cohort didn’t actually use much of it. You don’t need to invest in expensive technology to make root canals simple and effective.

“At the end of all of this, we had a chance to watch her on the fourth day and see how everything goes in a natural private practice setting and apply what we have learned. And from day one to day four, there is a huge difference from what we experienced on a thought level. And this was just, hands-down, the most amazing experience I have ever had, and I really want to recommend this to anyone.”

What will you learn in a root canal course that’s hands-on?

Here’s another one of Dr. Jabbar’s cases from E-School LIVE. By the way, I hand-pick all of the cases specifically for each and every attending dentist. That way, you get a chance to practice what you most want to learn.

Case B by Dr. Jabbar

E-School LIVE is truly a labor of love for me. When you attend, you can learn what you most want to learn, and practice what you most want to practice. I’ll have a one-on-one call with you before we all arrive in Charlotte to find out your areas of growth potential. That way, I can tailor the experience to you. This is why I keep E-School LIVE so small, at just 5 dentists and their assistants! I want everyone to get individualized attention.

I’m excited to welcome you to a future session of E-School LIVE. Previously, I was requiring students to complete E-School with Coaching before enrolling in the program. But I’ve made a change so that you can dual enroll in both Coaching and LIVE simultaneously.

Coaching is still a prerequisite for LIVE because it’s super important that you’re up-to-date on all of the information in the curriculum, and that you’re fully engaged in the coaching sessions. At LIVE, I don’t teach, I mentor. You’ll need to come prepared and ready to practice on live patients. 

But I’m happy to offer the chance for you to dual enroll in both Coaching and LIVE so you can grab your spot for LIVE before they sell out. (I’ve been sold out for all of 2023 since April 2023, believe it or not! These sessions go fast!)

Plus, when you dual enroll, you can get an exclusive discount on Coaching, and you’ll get the chance to go through Coaching two times to really solidify your learning.

You don’t have to be from North Carolina to attend. Dentists may attend from anywhere in the world. You’ll just have to have the proper malpractice insurance coverage in place for the exposure. Don’t worry, the application process will walk you through exactly what to do.

What will you learn in a root canal course? A whole hell of a lot, if I have any say in the matter! You just have to empower yourself to absorb the knowledge and apply it to save more teeth in your own practice.

In order to enroll, click here to begin your E-School LIVE application. My team will be in touch with dual enrollment information and your next steps. I hope to have a chance to meet you soon!

– Sonia