E-School LIVE:
3 Days of Hands-On
Endo Course
for General Dentists

Hosted by Sonia Chopra, DDS, Board-Certified Endodontist

February 26-28, 2021 in Charlotte, NC (SOLD OUT)
May 21-23, 2021 in Charlotte, NC (Now open! 4 seats left!)

E-School LIVE: 3 Days of Hands-On Endo Course for General Dentists

Hosted by Sonia Chopra, DDS, Board-Certified Endodontist


February 26-28, 2021 in Charlotte, NC (SOLD OUT)
May 21-23, 2021 in Charlotte, NC (Now open! 4 seats left!)

Real Patients. Real Cases. Real Endo.

3 Days of In-Person Coaching, Practice, and Learning

Hosted by Sonia Chopra, DDS, Board-Certified Endodontist

Enroll in E-School LIVE to step up your endo game.

E-School LIVE is the fastest way to improve your endo skills since E-School online. Through this intimate, small-group learning opportunity, you’ll enhance your training and patient care in a meaningful way. You’ll fill remaining knowledge gaps. And you’ll rise to your true potential as a clinician.

You can expect to perform up to 4 root canals (depending on your speed and comfort level) over the course of the 3-day event.

You will not be watching me over my shoulder. YOU will be performing root canal therapy for real-life patients.

This is truly a first-of-a-kind, totally hands-on endo course in the U.S.A.

While most of the teeth will be molars, and most will be initial therapy treatments, there may also be some retreatment cases.

E-School LIVE is key for endo proficiency! Use Dr. Chopra’s equipment and tools, get live mentorship, and get your questions answered.

Over 3 days, perform up to 4 root canals (and the core buildup), try out files, ultrasonics, microscropes, and increase your CBCT confidence level.

Bring your dental assistant to learn from Dr. Chopra’s dental assistants! Your assistant is included in your registration fee, and their attendance is required.

E-School LIVE is a give-back program.

The root canals you perform will be for patients who are paying a significantly reduced price. When you do the RCT and the buildup, you’ll be sealing up the tooth and making sure the patient is able to leave the building with a functional tooth… at a price they may not have been able to afford otherwise. Your participation in this program helps a great cause! For our Fall 2020 session, E-School LIVE donated more than $50,000 in free dental care to the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina community.

You’ve completed E-School. And now you want more.

The benefits of developing your endodontics skills through E-School are evident. You have the tools you need to…

$ Yield Greater Profits 

within your practice by reducing chair time, offering more services, and becoming more efficient.

✓ Feel More Confident

as you diagnose patients, perform root canals, use a CBCT, and so much more.

❤ Build Your Practice

with happy, loyal patients who trust you and remain loyal for years to come.

★ Receive 5-Star Reviews

from grateful patients you’ve saved from pain.


With E-School LIVE, you can take your endo skills to the next level.

No matter what kind of dentist you are, you know endodontics is the key to enhancing patient outcomes, increasing your revenue, and becoming a more confident dentist.

General Dentist With Your Own Practice

The Associate Who’s On the Rise

The Dentist Who Loves Learning

The Recent Dental School Graduate

 B I 

Join Sonia Chopra, DDS in clinic for 3 days of hands-on training.

Real patients. Real cases. Real endo.

E-School LIVE is only for dentists who have enrolled in E-School with Coaching (meaning, if you started with E-School Independent, you’ve updated to Coaching and will have attended coaching calls by the time the event begins).

This is because we’ll be covering topics in-depth. To maximize the learning you get from this 3-day in-person experience, we all need to be starting with the same baseline. And I can only guarantee that if every participating dentist has gone through E-School with Coaching.

You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered in real-time in the operatory with real patients and real cases.

Your dental assistant will learn how to work more efficiently with you than ever. In fact, bringing an assistant is mandatory!

Plus, you’ll get to know other dedicated dental colleagues. It’s just like the lifelong professional relationships you made in dental school, but with less time required!

Participant Testimonials:

“It was phenomenal. This was a great experience. Having that live patient puts you in a position to take the case from start to finish, so that when you go back into your practice, you know what to do.”

-Dr. Shay Allen

“How many opportunities do you really have for your endodontist to come and just be over your shoulder? I would definitely recommend it to others. I think it’s an invaluable experience, and I’m really glad she created this program.”

-Dr. Mariann Ghaly

“A root canal I just finished came out looking beautiful, as good as an endodontist. It definitely steps your game up and makes you a lot better clinician, too. It’s, by far, one of the best CEs, doing it hands-on.”

-Dr. Adam Moore

E-School LIVE Schedule:

Day 1 (Friday)
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
First, we’ll review all the key concepts you learned in E-School, and then you’ll watch Dr. Chopra perform a root canal on a live session. Then you’ll get a chance to practice on extracted teeth. Plus we’ll review CBCTs to make sure you’re comfortable wth the imaging technology.
5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Happy hour and dinner with Dr. Chopra and your fellow particants. It’s time to network, get to know each other better, and relax after a day of learning.
Day 2 (Saturday)
8:00 am – 6:30 pm
It’s time for live patient care, where you’ll put those E-School key concepts to use with real patient cases. You will have a chance to do a number of root canals, yourself. You’ll also get to mastermind with your colleagues as they work. Live coaching will be provided throughout the day with Dr. Chopra and her dental assistants.
Day 3 (Sunday)
8:00 am – 5:00 pm
It’s time for live patient care, where you’ll put those E-School key concepts to use with real patient cases. You will have a chance to do a number of root canals, yourself. You’ll also get to mastermind with your colleagues as they work.  Live coaching will be provided throughout the day by Dr. Chopra and her dental assistants.

Hear about the experience from a participant.

With your E-School LIVE investment, you’ll receive…

1 day of in-person training with Dr. Chopra to answer your questions, practice with extracted teeth, and prepare for patient cases. (Value: $4,997)

2 days of in-person patient cases to test your skills and receive coaching and tips from Dr. Chopra in real-time as you perform RCT. (Value: $9,997)

24 CE credits to keep you at the top of your game as you continue to learn and provide outstanding patient care. (Value: $2,397)

Complimentary snacks, lunches, PPE, and a special rate at a nearby hotel each of the 3 days of the CE event. (Value: $397)

Networking and a Friday happy hour with dedicated dental professionals so you can continue to build your network with other clinicians. (Value: $997)

Mentorship from Dr. Chopra for 3 total days, giving you the chance to have all your questions answered as you think of them. (Value: $14,997)

The total value of E-School LIVE is $33,782.


But your investment is only $6,997.

You can quickly make back your investment in any number of ways. Your improved patient outcomes will require you to offer fewer refunds. You’ll reduce chair time and allow you to see more patients. And your happier patients will lead to longer-term retention and more patient referrals. 

As an E-School student, you already know how much endodontics matters to everyday dentistry. Being an incredible general dentist with loyal, happy patients requires making the right calls when it comes to diagnoses, referrals, and treatments. Take the next step in your endodontic journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the next session of E-School LIVE?

The upcoming sessions will take place:

February 26-28, 2021 (SOLD OUT)

May 21-23, 2021 (CURRENTLY SELLING).


All training and clinical practice will occur at Ballantyne Endodontics. The clinic’s address is:

Ballantyne Endodontics
14135 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 215
Charlotte, NC 28277


What expenses do I need to cover?

Your enrollment cost in E-School Hands-On includes 3 days of in-person learning, networking, mentorship, and clinical practice. Lunch, snacks, and PPE will also be provided.

You will need to cover your own transportation to Charlotte, lodging, and any additional meals. You will also be responsible for your transportation within Charlotte between the hotel and the event.

We are securing a block of rooms at a special price with a nearby hotel, should you wish to stay with other E-School Hands-On participants and their dental assistants.

Do I really need to bring a dental assistant?

Yes, you MUST bring a dental assistant to the event. I can’t stress enough that this is mandatory. Here’s why.

  • It will allow you to get the best possible experience at the event.
  • You’ll be able to complete 4 root canals on live patients during the event, giving you tons of practice with mentorship from me.
  • Your assistant will learn a ton from my assistants!
What about COVID-19?

We are practicing responsible social distancing at this event.

  • Enrollment is limited to 5 participating dentists to ensure there can always be 6+ feet of space between all clinicians.
  • Patients will be asked to wait in their vehicles until it is their turn to come into the operatory.
  • PPE will be provided for all participating dentists.
What kind of topics will we learn about?

We’ll be covering in-depth endodontic topics, but what we cover is largely up to you, your questions, and the situations that arise during the live cases.

We will debrief each day regarding what takeaways we can learn from the patient cases we have seen in-clinic. Tooth stories are everywhere, and you’re going to hear a lot of them over the course of these 3 days!

What if I've only taken E-School Independent? Or I'm still completing E-School with Coaching?

E-School LIVE is only available to E-School with Coaching students. If you have taken (or are enrolled in) E-School Independent, you must upgrade to E-School with Coaching to be eligible for E-School LIVE.

This is truly a next-level, hands-on experience. It’s important we all have the same baseline of knowledge so we can dive into more complex topics together. If you’ve never enrolled in E-School with Coaching, this is a prerequisite, so please enroll here

E-School with Coaching is only open certain times of the year, so if enrollment is currently closed, you may begin with E-School Independent (available any time) and upgrade to Coaching when it becomes available.

I highly suggest you join the waitlist for E-School LIVE in order to get early enrollment information.


Can I attend remotely?

No, unfortunately this is an in-person-only event. This is because each participant will have the chance to perform 4-5 root canals and practice other endodontic skills with live patients.

Do I get CE credit for this course?

Yes, at the end of the event once you have completed your patient post-op calls, you will be awarded a certificate for 24 CE credits.

Is a payment plan available?

E-School Hands-On does not include a payment plan option at this time.

Is my purchase refundable?

Because there are so few seats available, and there is so much planning and live patient coordination that goes into this in-person event, we can’t make the purchase refundable. However, if you cannot attend, and you have a colleague who has completed E-School and would like to attend in your stead, you may transfer your seat to them. Also, please bear in mind that your ticket is purchased for the next available E-School with Coaching session, and is not transferrable to a different session.

What if I have another question not listed here?

You can email support@soniachopradds.com.

Take your endo skills to the next level.

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