Microsurgical Endodontics: Treatment Planning and Outcomes

Featuring Dr. Tanya Reiter
Moderated by Dr. Sonia Chopra

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March 22, 2023 8:30PM EST
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In this free, virtual training, you will…

Learn the indications and contraindications of endodontic microsurgery.

Discover apical microsurgery procedure steps.

Distinguish between modern vs traditional apicoectomy.


Examine clinical cases as examples.

Learn about resorption repair surgery.

Understand intentional replantation.

Discover the Ins and Outs of Endodontic Microsurgery

Endodontics is so much more than root canals. Endodontic microsurgical therapies–such as apicoectomy and resorption repair surgery–are an integral part of the specialty and have the ability to save teeth that others might condemn.


I invite you to meet my business partner and board-certified endodontist, Dr. Tanya Reiter, who specializes in endodontic microsurgery at our practice in North Carolina.


She takes a technology-focused and patient-focused approach to her work and will guide you through the finer points of endodontic microsurgery during this special CE lecture for dentists and endodontists.


When you complete the training, you will have a greater understanding of endodontics and its surgical therapies, as well as how and when to incorporate them into treatment plans.

Meet Your Instructors…


Dr. Tanya Reiter, Presenter


Dr. Reiter has cultivated an interest in dentistry from her childhood, when she spent considerable time at her uncle’s practice in Canada.

She began her formal dental education at the College of Dental Surgery at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The program’s technology-driven curriculum instilled a firm belief in the importance of investing in cutting-edge dental innovation.

After graduation, she spent a year at a VA general practice residency in Pittsburgh, PA. Following this, she attended the Endodontic Residency Program at the University
of Pittsburgh.

In 2021, Dr. Reiter obtained her Board Certification in endodontics.

She lives in Charlotte with her husband and children, where she works at Ballantyne Endodontics. She specializes in surgical endodontic treatments, such as apicoectomies and intentional replantation.

Dr. Sonia Chopra, Moderator


Dr. Chopra has dedicated her career to saving teeth. She is a Board-Certified endodontist and the founder of E-School: Everyday Endo Made Easy. She is a practicing endodontist with over a decade of experience and her own practice in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She decided to become an endodontist after discovering firsthand, as a dental patient, the power of saving teeth.

Dr. Chopra has taught hundreds of dentists how to hone their endodontic skills, both by teaching dental residents and through her signature endodontic continuing education program, E-School.

She is passionate about giving teeth a chance, and she loves nothing more than supporting dentists with their professional development.

She is a big believer in the connective thread between dental specialties, and she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to share Dr. Hobbs’ wisdom with you.

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Microsurgical Endodontics: Treatment Planning and Outcomes

Presented by Dr. Tanya Reiter and moderated by Dr. Sonia Chopra.

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March 22, 2023 8:30PM EST
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