Free Post-Op Instructions Template

Your LEGIT easy-to-use template for post-operative care instructions. Gain a loyal patient for life with every root canal.

  • Want to answer post-op questions with more confidence?
  • ​Hoping to manage your patients’ expectations and their responses after treatment?
  • ​Want to understand what your patients experience AFTER the root canal (what is normal post op and what is not)?
  • Worried about after-hours and weekend calls from anxious patients?
  • Looking to reduce chair time and increase profits?

This template is the best way to put BOTH your minds at ease while building your patient care toolkit and managing expectations.

When everyone is clear on what to expect post-op, you build patient trust — leading to increased patient retention and profits.

Simply put: you’ll be able to tell your patients, “Follow these instructions, and I’ll see you on Monday at 8 am.” They’ll be so much better prepared.

Imagine a smooth and easy post-operative experience.

  • Your patients know the correct dosage for their pre- and post-operative pain management. They’ll feel comfortable and assured.

  • Your patients have an easily accessible resource they can refer to at any time, giving them peace of mind as they leave the office and get home.
  • Your patients won’t need to contact you on the weekends with emergency pain because they have precise post-op instructions.

  • Your patients’ trust in your endo skills means shorter chair time and increased revenue. They’ll come back again and again.

What is the Post-Op Instructions Template?

It’s a customizable post-operative pain management template for your patients after their root canal procedure. Just save this document to your desk’s computer for easy access. And don’t forget to save as a PDF to share with patients so they can refer to it at any time.

In this Checklist, your patients will understand…

What to expect after their root canal.

Everyone is different, and patients will experience varying levels of discomfort. As long as the pain lessens every day, they can be assured they’re headed in the right direction.

Proper pain medication dosages.

With this handy dosage chart, your patients will know which meds to take and when and how to take them. Plus they’ll know whether they need to upgrade to an antibiotic.

What to do if the pain isn’t subsiding.

Your patients will not be alarmed. This is most common in patients who have a “black spot” in the x-ray. Patients may need to change antibiotics if side effects occur.

What to do if the temporary filling falls out.

This is not an emergency. Your patients will know to call the office the following business day to determine whether the next step is replenishing the temporary filling.

What to do after the root canal is complete.

They will learn the treatment must be fully completed. They may have to return for another visit, including the addition of a crown to keep the tooth properly sealed and protected.

Just personalize your office contact information, and the rest is DONE FOR YOU. Yes, it’s that easy.

I’m Sonia Chopra, DDS, a board-certified practicing endodontist on a mission to help you improve your confidence with endodontics — and your patients’ experience.

Born without eight teeth and no stranger to cavities, implants, and bridges, I was always meant to become a dentist. But it wasn’t until an endodontist finally relieved me of a months-long infection through a root canal that I understood the importance of saving teeth.
After 10 years in practice, I believe the power to keep your patients healthy and happy — and out of such agony — lies within you and your commitment to deepening your understanding of endodontics. 
Being an incredible general dentist who has loyal, happy patients means making the right calls when it comes to diagnoses, referrals, and treatments. It also means increased profits, less chair time, and more referrals. 

Success stories from the dental community

“I just want to take a moment to sing the praises of Dr. Sonia Chopra. She’s gotten me interested in endodontic treatment in a way that dental school and previous CE have not.”

– Dr. Brenda Garrison

“I do a lot of endo in my bread and butter rural practice. Dr. Chopra puts a heavy emphasis on proper diagnosis and case management. Learning how she handles cases is a huge eye opener.”

– Dr. Daniel Siriphongs

This checklist keeps your patients informed post-op, reduces after-hours phone calls, builds your Endo confidence, and strengthens patients’ trust and loyalty.

Just personalize it with your branding and contact information, save, and print it out. (Or email it to your patients!)

Your patients never have to worry about post-op pain management questions again. And YOU never have to worry about going into the office on the weekend!

Manage expectations BEFORE Friday!